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In March 2019, Healthy Lifestyle Network (HLN) was founded by Sheila Wyatt and Tammy Lanier. Sheila, licensed massage and myofascial release therapist, has developed a passion for healthy living and sharing the tools she finds with others. After organizing a local health fair in January 2019, Sheila saw a need for the vendors—like-minded health and wellness professionals—to have a space to connect with each other as well as the community. This idea of creating an established group that could foster growing connections was the seed that would become HLN.

Reaching out to marketing strategist, Tammy Lanier, Sheila shared her idea, and it began to grow.

Tammy’s unique background in senior health resources and hospice care left her with a soft spot for connecting others to the services they need. This continues to shape the clients she chooses to work with in her marketing company, MarketME. Resonating with both the value and the passion that wellness professionals bring to their businesses, Tammy’s desire to help them reach more people, more effectively, is a core part of her business structure.

Combining marketing and business skills with passion and know-how made for a perfect partnership!

Today, HLN continues to develop professionals, connect resources, and educate our community. Our mission is to provide a trusted brand to promote a healthier lifestyle for all.

We are in Fayette Woman!

We had the pleasure of being in the January 2021 issue of Fayette Woman magazine. You can read the article by clicking on the image on the left.

Meet our executive team and get to know the initial members who helped launch HLN!

Lamura Poore


Lamura Poore runs her own business as a dietician, Diet to Lifestyle, and occupies the first office inside the HLN Center.

Lamura was born in Charleston, WV, and has enjoyed hard work all her life. She started working in home construction with her dad at age six! She graduated from Marshall University and moved to Atlanta in 2009. Traveling is one of her lifelong passions, and she’s visited amazing places like Thailand, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Barcelona, and Senegal, to name just a few. Lamura also loves to learn new things and to teach others, so she formed an accredited dietetic internship this year to share her love of teaching. In addition to her husband and new baby, Yusuf, she also lives with her 14-year-old Yorkie named Yogee!

Sheila Wyatt

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Sheila, a massage and myofascial release therapist since 2011, relocated to the south side of Atlanta in 2015. She has thoroughly enjoyed local networking and getting to know the community. Sharing her passion for all things health-related is what drives and motivates her every day!

Tammy Lanier

Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

Tammy, a native of Atlanta’s south side, has worked in the marketing world in various positions over the last decade. Wellness professionals have become her favorite clients, and she loves helping them strategize master plans that propel their businesses to new levels!

Amanda Harris

Peachtree Optimal Health

Anna Lindberg

Peachtree City Myofascial Release

Bobbie Sawyer


Brandi Whitney & Lisa Hand

Kale to the Chef

Donna Jennings

Donna Jennings Coaching

Jeremy Gritton

Gritton’s Training System

Marcie Bayne


Natalie Kohlhaas

Integrative Mental Health Counseling

Sondra Brown

Scout & Cellar

Dr. Byron Harper & Terri Harper


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