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 Nutrition & Health Coaching

I teach my clients to improve their quality of life, maintain/gain strength, and discover their own personal Owner’s Manual when it comes to their individual health and wellness. My clients focus on real food, responsibly sourced, and lovingly prepared. This approach benefits my clients because they are no longer mindlessly reaching for expensive quick-fix pills, powders, potions, or processed pre-packaged edible products in crinkly wrappers…and it definitely benefits our local farmers in their efforts to provide seasonal, nutrient-dense, locally produced, animal and plant foods.

In addition to Nutrition Coaching, I am the Race Director for the annual Peachtree City Dragon Boat Festival. I promote the world’s most accessible and inclusive team sport with weekly, free Dragon Boat 101 (learn to paddle for beginners) sessions. I also coach more experienced teams with a signature 9-week paddling program that has gotten a local women’s team to gold medals two years in a row. My participation in this world-wide sport allows me to proudly support paddlers from Special Olympics, Breast Cancer Survivor, and Hearing/Vision Impaired populations who may never had otherwise had a chance to compete in team sports so easily. My favorite paddlers to work with are the ones who were always picked last in gym class, or never thought they could ever be an athlete because life happened and now they think they are too old or out of shape. Watching them suddenly discover their Inner Winner and see their faces beaming with happiness is one the most satisfying things in my life!

Lastly, I also offer monthly, free Low Carb/Ketogenic Lifestyle Support Group Meetups for those who want to explore how easy it is to get sugar and starch out of their diets and reverse many “diseases of lifestyle” that seem to be so prevalent in our modern world. To put it bluntly, having (or not having) Type 2 Diabetes is a choice…one we make with every forkful. I started my business precisely because I learned how to reverse my own Type 2 Diabetes, reverse my PCOS, drop 65 excess pounds, maintain these health gains for over 16 years…and other people wanted me to help them do the same.

I serve my clients both in person and online. I am proud to partner with Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach software platform to deliver unsurpassed-in-quality online lessons, habits, accountability, check-ins, workouts, and support from me delivered daily in a fun and easily-used format. I do not prescribe any specific diet or meal plan…my clients are smart enough to know and/or discover what works and feels right to them over the long-term. They know what to do…they just have a bit of trouble maintaining consistency with their good habits without the extra support and knowledge of a coach who has walked their same path and found the way to achieve amazing results.

My clients often choose to have additional access to me with personal coaching sessions that are recorded and saved in a private client portal on my website. These recorded sessions, in addition to other great personalized resources, are available for my clients to access and revisit at any time they wish. My clients who choose the highest level of participation with me additionally receive all of my current and future DIY Lifestyle home study courses…all easily accessed through their private client portal.

Because I firmly believe that a foundation of good health is what brings riches to a person’s life, rather than the other way around…for those clients who cannot afford my purchased health and wellness coaching options yet, I will always offer low-cost and free opportunities to engage with me for physical activity and lifestyle support through Dragon Boat 101 and my Support Group Meetups.

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