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Health Within Reach

Beautycounter is a personal care line which removes 1500 toxic chemicals which makes them safer and healthier. I provide education about products and sell them.

 Personal Care

I help women who have neglected their own self-care transform their food and lifestyle to rid themselves of unwanted symptoms so they can feel better and thrive again!  Some symptoms I’ve helped clients with include headaches, fatigue, joint pain, gas & bloating, weight gain, and hormonal imbalance. My transformational program...

 Health & Wellness

Myofascial release is an alternative treatment for pain management and provides hope to clients who have exhausted many other traditional options. People who feel well are able to enjoy the activities they want, from work to leisure and family time.' Myofascial release offers people a resolution for tension and pain...

 Pain Management

I teach my clients to improve their quality of life, maintain/gain strength, and discover their own personal Owner's Manual when it comes to their individual health and wellness. My clients focus on real food, responsibly sourced, and lovingly prepared. This approach benefits my clients because they are no longer mindlessly...

 Health & Wellness

I provide an evidence-based alternative approach to healthcare that offers my patients a way to improve health without drugs or invasive medical procedures. I offer Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition consultations to treat many conditions such as pain of all kinds, digestive issues, infertility, respiratory illness, sleep problems, stress, and...

 Health & Wellness

We help our patients feel and heal better by freeing them from pain, fears, and allergies. We adjust our patients and rebalance their muscles so they can feel and function better.

 Pain Management

We grow healthy, nutrient-dense food and teach others to grow, cook, and preserve good food. We provide healthy food to the community through our CSA (community-supported agriculture) and retail farm stand. We also teach classes to help educate on organic farming and food preservation.

 Organic Farm

Health coaching promotes changing the way the community makes choices about food to healthier options. Coaching also involves primary foods like career and relationships. I work with individuals and families to help them achieve their health goals. I work with them nutritionally and coach them to a happier life. I...

 Health Coaching

Our ingredients are specially formulated to address common health issues. Our produce is sourced from local farmers with the same goal and principles - putting the community well-being as the center-piece of their business. We’re an organic, fresh and local healthy cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar in Peachtree City, GA....

 Cold-Pressed Juice, Smoothies and Organics

I provide holistic maternity care and home birth services to families. I am a certified nurse midwife who provides full-scope midwifery services to low risk women throughout the adolescent to premenopausal years.

 Women's Health

We use the scientifically designed movements of our martial art to promote better health for ages 5-95. Families may train at the same time, same place, and create lasting memories. We are not a fighting style and focus on self defense, conflict resolution and avoidance of danger. This is accomplished...


We help moms 35+ recover after giving birth to move freely again, return to exercising and intimacy, and reduce leaking without depending on pads, pain meds or surgery... Find the root cause of leaking or incontinence of urine or stool, painful intercourse, and constipation. Recover after birth, reduce prolapse, and...

 Health & Wellness

The Center for Living Balance is a counseling practice focused on finding wellbeing within yourself and connection between you and the people your love most.  All of our clinicians have advanced training in attachment and relational issues, so that we can support you when you feel disconnected, lonely, and detached....

 Mental Health

We specialize in one-on-one care in physical therapy* and wellness services from one-on-one to small groups with Pilates. *Insurance accepted

 Physical Therapy

Kenneth Akey, M.D., F AAP is a board-certified pediatrics doctor who was formerly based in Orange County. Dr. Akey practiced for over 25 years in Orange County, California, before moving to Newnan to be close to his children and grandchildren. As a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, School of...

 Medical Services

I offer 24/7 access to my patients by phone, secure messaging or video chat. I also offer extended office visits from 30 min to 2 hrs as needed. Home visits for patients as needed. Short wait times for appointments Chronic disease management, sick and preventative visits. Wellness management to pinpoint...

 Medical Services

I work one-on-one with my clients by giving them tailored exercies for their bodies specific needs, whether it's working through an existing issue or helping them correct imbalances. Together we build a strong foundation so they can live an active lifestyle and decrease the risk of injury.

 Health & Fitness

Laura Russell, LPC is board-certified therapist through NBCC accepting BCBS, United Health Care and Cigna.  She specializes in working with adults dealing with trauma and anxiety.  Laura has obtained the highest designation possible with EMDRIA as an Approved Consultant.  Laura received a post graduate certificate in Integrative Medicine and Wellness,...

 Personal Care

I love helping individuals improve their quality of life by relieving their physical and emotional discomfort through myofascial release (MFR). MFR offers an alternative to medication and surgery: a remedy for chronic or acute tension and pain. As a gentle, hands-on therapy, MFR is applicable to anyone, from infants to...

 Pain Management

I help individuals transform their lives through healthy weight loss and the adoption of healthy living habits. As a personal health coach, I will guide, support, teach, encourage, provide accountability and celebrate victories in your life. I utilize a proven system that is physician designed and backed by a team...

 Health & Fitness

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