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Professional Membership

We believe it’s important to showcase all you have to offer, and sometimes that’s hard to do standing on your own. HLN is an organization specifically designed to support you, as health and wellness business owners, through networking, marketing, and community outreach.

What Comes With a Professional Membership?

A Variety of Tools to Make Your Business a Success

Take advantage of opportunities to show up, connect, and collaborate! Our platform offers you a comprehensive approach to marketing your business.

Directory Listing

Be discovered! Leverage this unique listing to introduce yourself to potential clients and showcase your offerings to build relationships and grow your business.

Building Better Business

This “lunch and learn” development event is designed to offer practical tools for you to apply in your business.

Connect & Grow

This potluck-style event is open to both professionals and the community, meant to facilitate great connections in a relaxed atmosphere over good food.

Coffee & Conversations

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee (or tea) while getting to know your fellow Professional Members at this casual morning networking event.

Showcase Your Business

Help us take a deep dive into your business by hosting a “spotlight” event where you can educate your fellow members at a location of your choice. You may even utilize the Development Room at the HLN Center at no charge!

Community Events

Bringing the community to you, HLN creates fun and interactive opportunities for the community to come and engage with our members throughout the year.*

*Large events are held as able with respect to COVID-19 guidelines.

Share Your Content

You’re the expert! Use our online platforms to amplify yourself as a thought leader by sharing news, tips, upcoming events, and recipes.

Social Media Marketing

Join in on our themed social media posts and engage with our audience on Facebook in our community group.

Preferred Pricing

Need a place to host a class or workshop? Receive preferred member pricing when renting the Development Room at the HLN Center.

Invest in Your Business

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with our easy monthly payment option.

*Initial set up is a one time fee as long as membership is kept current.


Rawls Whittlesey

“I learned about HLN from one of the founders, Tammy Lanier, who had been working with me on Marketing strategy.  One of the things she suggested was to join two networking groups, with at least one being in my field which is Health and Wellness.

Kelly Pickett

“HLN founder, Sheila Wyatt, and I met at a SABA event and loved what each other from the start. We began bartering for each other’s services with me providing health coaching for her as she struggles with an auto-immune condition and her using her gift in MFR to heal some shoulder and neck pain I was having at the time.

Sheila Wyatt

“My Pilates session with Rebecca Taylor at CORE Pilates Method was fabulous! She’s so good at giving you verbal cues to help you engage the proper muscles while going through the movements! And she spends needed time on stretching throughout, as well. I loved it!”

Rebecca Taylor

“It’s no secret that I’ve passed my mid-forties and I’m about to round the corner nearing fifty. My skin is showing the effects of years of sun exposure, hormonal changes (menopause), decreased elasticity, etc. I’ve tried to do my best to take care of my skin but, honestly every time I researched what products I should use or treatments I should consider I would get completely overwhelmed! 

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