“I learned about HLN from one of the founders, Tammy Lanier, who had been working with me on Marketing strategy.  One of the things she suggested was to join two networking groups, with at least one being in my field which is Health and Wellness. 

Finding no professional/networking groups that focused on Health and Wellness professionals in our area, HLN was a very attractive option for acheiving this goal. 

I’ve really enjoyed meeting other like-minded professionals in the area. Since joining HLN, I’ve gotten several referrals from other professionals and have referred patients to others as well.  It’s been great to actually know the person I’m referring to and in several cases I’ve actually visited them myself (with an HLN discount) to experience what they have to offer or to understand better how we can collaborate to serve our area better.  I have participated in several networking events and special events that were open to the public.  I’ve also offered some cooking classes and other classes there myself and I’ve joined in a few classes like tai chi and yoga nidra.  

If you are interested in meeting others in Health and Wellness, or taking advantage of learning opportunities, exercise classes or the services of those at the HLN center, I’d highly recommend it.  There is nothing comparable in our area.”

Kelly Pickett

“HLN founder, Sheila Wyatt, and I met at a SABA event and loved what each other from the start. Ww began bartering for each other’s services with me providing health coaching for her as she struggles with an auto-immune condition and her using her gift in MFR to heal some shoulder and neck pain I was having at the time. During one of our sessions, Sheila shared her desire to establish a center for holistic wellness providers. Of course I encouraged her! I was not surprised when Sheila and Tammy established HLN a few months later and I’ve cheering for them and taken part in the center’s offerings ever since.

I joined HLN for three reasons. First, I wanted to support Sheila and Tammy! They are both awesome and I love their passion and talent! Second, I was looking for a way to network to gain referral partners and new clients. Third, I was attracted to the business development and social opportunities within the wellness community. Finally, I was interested in using the group meeting spaces for workshops and group coaching.

Since I joined, I have truly enjoyed getting to know and working with other like-minded providers. For example, I attended a “coffee and connections” recently and made a new friend who now takes an active roll in my business Facebook group. I love the “Building Better Business” workshops and have learned so many great business tips from them. For example, Tammy’s presentation on networking introduced me to her marketing ideas and lead me to work with her to update my website and marketing brochures. I’ve used the HLN group meeting spaces to hold a regular “Health Talk and Tea” and worked with two other HLN members to offer a Wellness Retreat. Despite COVID, I still use the meeting space occasionally to meet with clients and regularly post on the two HLN Facebook groups to keep my offerings in the minds of providers and potential clients.

I’ve definitely seen results from my time at HLN. Along with the examples I’ve already shared, I have also gotten new clients and referral partners from being a part of HLN. One of my best clients ever is a fellow HLN provider who was referred to me by other HLN providers. She wanted a health coach to walk beside her on her journey to lose weight and move forward in her work and spirituality. Another client was referred to me by a new referral partner I meet at an HLN event.

If you are considering joining as an HLN professional member, remember “You will get what you put into it!” The more you attend events, get to know other providers, post on their Facebook groups, and utilize the center, the more you will reap the rewards. Just like any other networking group, it takes time and investment to see results. I don’t thrive in a pushy, dog-eat dog environment. If you are looking for a place to get connected with like-minded holistic providers who respect each other and aren’t pushy and self-centered, HLN is the place for you.”

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